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by Mya on February 14, 2013

ETrade.com is the website through which you can access the financial services offered by the E-trade Financial Corporation. Those services include:

  • Stocks trading (buying and selling of stocks).
  • Bonds trading (buying and selling of financial bonds).
  • Options trading.
  • Mutual funds trading and
  • Exchange-traded funds trading.


Etrade.com is also the website through which you can access the E-Trade bank, which offers the whole range of financial services normally offered by banks, including:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Deposit certificates and
  • Money market accounts

Etrade.com was one of the pioneering online trading platforms, and one that has continued to be an industry leader for well over two decades.

There are two major versions of the e-trade.com website, namely:

  • The US version, accessible at us.etrade.com
  • The global version, accessible at global.etrade.com

Besides providing a platform through which you can either trade financial options or access the financial services offered by E-trade bank, there are several other things you can do at etrade.com. Those include:

  • Accessing objective investment education.
  • Accessing tools through which you can research on the performance of various financial investment products.

There are two states in which you can use the etrade.com website namely:

  • The logged in state (in which you get to access all information and services provided on the website).
  • The non-logged in state (in which there is a limit to the information and services you can make use of at etrade.com).

To get insights on the whole range of investment products you can trade at etrade.com, you need to hover your mouse over the ‘investing and trading’ item on the etrade.com main menu (if you are using the US version of the site, at us.etrade.com). Upon doing so, you will discover that some of the options open to you include that of:

  • Trading in stocks
  • Trading in ETFs
  • Trading in mutual funds
  • Trading in forex
  • Trading in options and futures
  • International investing

Most of the people who log onto etrade.com turn out to be folks keen on using the trading platforms accessible through the site. The trading platforms in question include:

  • The E-Trade 360 platform
  • The E-Trade Pro platform
  • The E-Trade mobile platform

If you’d like personal contact with the people behind E-Trade, the etrade.com website has a section labeled ‘find a branch’ which you can click on, to access a list of brick and mortar E-Trade branches.

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